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Pre-Visit Lesson Plans

Before your visit to our learning labs, we hope that you make use of the many resouces available to you via our (and others', see our links section) web pages. On these pages is information specifically designed to help you before your visit. Click on the name of the lab you are going to visit and get information helpful to you.


Introduction to The Connecting Human Origin and Cultural Diversity Program (CHOCD) and Homo sapiens sapiens

I. Introduction

  • Personal introduction
  • CHOCD introduction
  • Purpose

II. What makes us human?

  • Human origin
  • How do humans and chimpanzees differ?
  • Variation
  • Member of one species Homo sapiens sapiens
  • Proportions


  • Arm span vs. height
  • Head Proportions
  • Skull measurement example: ration of length of the skull to the height of the person, calculation

III. What do we eat?

  • Bridge from archaeologist finding a skull and measuring the height of the skull and determining what the person ate by looking at the teeth
  • Introduction of herbivore/carnivore/omnivore
  • Show cow skull and human skull as a comparison
  • Show herbivore/carnivore board
  • Questions
    • What do humans eat?
    • What do cows eat?
    • What do wolves eat?
  • Group animals/humans according to what they eat
    • Cards of examples of different foods for herbivore/carnivore/omnivore
  • Activities
    • Team competition

Cultural Conversation

I. Introduction

  • Introduce Cultural Anthropology
  • Cross-Cultural Communicatons
  • Taboo

II. Pre-activity Directions

  • Activity
    • A scenario introduction
    • Announce subject areas

III. Post-Activity

  • Review activity
  • Fun Facts (real cultural taboo)
  • Discussion