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Credits, Sources, and Acknowledgements

Folks we'd like to thank you for the development of the Program: 
Sheilah Clarke-Ekong
Charles Schmitz
Glen Cope
Tom George
Lynn Davis
Van Reidhead
Lloyd Richardson
Pamela Ashmore

Academic Affairs, UMSL
College of Arts & Sciences, UMSL
College of Education, UMSL
Missouri Arts Council

Many of the images for this page have been taken from other on-line sources of anthropological and archaeological information.

Many of the rock art images have come from a wonderful online publication, TRACCE: Online Rock Art Bulletin. The following are the images from which some of our background art is derived:

Image Description
"Sun" Face on menu bar, Alpha Newt Logo
Figures in stylized house on the menu bar
Human Origins Lab logo
Archer figure on menu bar / CHOCD logo
Central top figure on menu bar

Image/icon on "Just for Kids" is from this page on petroglyphs from Niger by TARA, the Trust for African Rock Art (

We would like to thank these sources for making available this information for public use and/or for research, not-for-profit sites like ourselves.

Most of these sites do not expressly state any of their information usage and copyright policies. If you are the proprietor of one of these sites, and we have unknowingly used any of your images or information in a manner which in not in compliance with any if your policies, please contact the Director of the Program.

The images on the page for the course "Human Origins" are actually from a freeware font by Ecological Linguistics called "DaysCod" which can be downloaded from this site. The font is Copyright © 1997 Ecological Linguistics. All Rights Reserved.

All other images are ours. Please see out policies section on the use of these images.