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What Others Say

Publicity and praise are always wonderful and we can't help but share with you what others are saying about the CHOCD Program, its labs and activities.

Here are some newspaper articles which feature information about the Program:

"HUMAN NATURE: Connectingr Human Origins and Cultural Diversity Program shows children similarities of people of all colors," from The Current.

"Summer camp focuses on community building," from North County Journal.

"Artist's works sets lab's tone: UM -St. Louis Celebrates Diversity," fromNorth County Journal

Post Article 

Here are some comments from the teachers who came to the lab with their students.

More comments from The University of Missouri-St. Louis students who visited the labs.

We're always happy to share visitor's comments with others. If you've been to the labs (or just this site) and you'd like to comment on them, e-mail us here and we will post your comments in this section.